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Course Schedule

Sessions are held 10:00-11:00am US Eastern Time on most Fridays. Links labeled "Offline discussion" for each section's outline below will take you to a dedicated topic for in-depth or post-live session discussions. Short questions and comments made during the live broadcast should be entered in YouTube's live chat.

Session 1: 2019-10-04 BBR Sections 3.1-3.7

Moderators: Donald Szlosek (IDEXX Inc), Matt Shotwell (Vanderbilt)

Session 2: 2019-10-11 BBR Sections 3.8-4.2

Moderators: Donald Szlosek (IDEXX Inc), Tom Stewart and Dandan Liu (Vanderbilt)

Session 3: 2019-10-18 BBR Sections 4.3-4.4

Moderators: Donald Szlosek (IDEXX) and Matt Shotwell (Vanderbilt)

Session 4: 2019-??-?? BBR Sections 5.1-5.4