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Course Schedule

Sessions are held 10:00-11:00am US Eastern Time on most Fridays. Links labeled “Offline discussion” for each section’s outline below will take you to a dedicated topic for in-depth or post-live session discussions. You can go directlly to the discussion topic for session n by going to e.g. ...-bbr1. Short questions and comments made during the live broadcast should be entered in YouTube’s live chat. Here is the link to the YouTube channel, and after each video premieres you can go directly to the video for session by going to

NOTE: Beginning with Session 15 on 2020-04-03 and lasting at least until the coronavirus crisis subsides, the course is shifting to a “study at your own pace” mode with the scheduled 10am-11am EDT time slot set aside for questions, answers, and discussions. Discussions will take place on the topic listed for each session, supplemented by live video/audio/text chat on Zoom. This mode uses the new HTML version of the course notes at which will automatically size to any viewing device. When studying the notes before the online meeting, listen to audio narration and watch videos that are linked from the notes in the right margin. For any questions or discussion on datamethods add any mnemonic shown in blue boxes in the right margin of course notes (e.g. reg:ancova) somewhere in the datamethods topic so that the course notes will automatically link to that discussion. Contact Frank Harrell if you would like to have a new mnemonic added to the course notes for linking with a discussion you add in datamethods.

Session 1: 2019-10-04 BBR Sections 3.1-3.7

Moderators: Donald Szlosek (IDEXX Inc), Matt Shotwell (Vanderbilt)

Session 2: 2019-10-11 BBR Sections 3.8-4.2

Moderators: Donald Szlosek (IDEXX Inc), Tom Stewart and Dandan Liu (Vanderbilt)

Session 3: 2019-10-18 BBR Sections 4.3-4.4

Moderators: Donald Szlosek (IDEXX), Matt Shotwell and Tom Stewart (Vanderbilt)

Session 4: 2019-11-01 BBR Sections 5.1-5.5

This session will be pre-recorded; for questions/discussion use only the offline discussion link below.

Session 5: 2019-11-15 BBR Sections 5.6-5.8

This session will likely be held live through a YouTube premier by which a recorded video is played but the instructor engages in live chat with participants. If this works the video will be viewed on the BBRcourse YouTube Channel at 10am US Eastern Time.

Sesssion 6: 2019-12-06 BBR Sections 5.9-5.11

This session will be broadcast on the BBRcourse YouTube Channel at 10am US Eastern Time Friday 2019-12-06.

Session 7: 2019-12-20 BBR Sections 5.12-5.14

Session 8: 2020-01-03 BBR Sections 6.1-6.9

Session 9: 2020-01-10 BBR Sections 6.10

Session 10: 2020-01-17 BBR Sections 7.1-7.5

Session 11: 2020-01-24 BBR Sections 7.6-7.8

Session 12: 2020-01-31 BBR Chapter 8

February: Catch-Up Month

Session 13: 2020-03-06 BBR Sections 10 - 10.5.8

Session 14: 2020-03-13 BBR 10.6-10.10.3

Session 15: 2020-04-03 BBR 9.4, 10.10.5-10.11.2

Session 16: 2020-04-24 BBR 14

Session 16 Web Discussion: 2020-05-08 BBR 14

Session 17 Web Discussion 2020-05-22

Session 18: 2020-05-29 BBR 17

Session 19: 2020-06-12 BBR 15

Session 20: 2020-06-27 BBR 21

Session 21: 2020-09-04 BBR 22

Session 22: 2020-10-09 BBR 13 Section 13.1-13.5

Session 23: 2020-10-16 BBR 13.6-13.10