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Frank Harrell


September 10, 2023

Bayesian Regression Modeling Strategies


The existing version of the rmsb package on CRAN uses rstan as the interface to Stan. Version 1.0.0 of rmsb also supports cmdstan through the cmdstanr package. Using cmdstan allows you to use the latest features of Stan and is more robust so is recommended. Support for rstan may be removed in the future. To use cmdstan you must install the non-CRAN cmdstanr package and the cmdstan system executable package. For the latter it is recommended that Windows users install the precompiled system package using conda as described in the link, and that Linux and Mac users use a direct installation also described there, which makes use of your system’s C++ compiler. For Windows, install miniconda which is then called with the conda command to download and install cmdstan. This can be used by Linux and Mac users if preferred. But for all systems conda has a huge overhead in disk space.

For a new approach for installing cmdstanr see this.

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